Financing Partnerships: Elaborating what works

High-impact, blended, cost-effective, innovative. These are the words that will define promising financing landscapes for sexual and reproductive health and rights moving forward. This session will highlight the importance of scaling up domestic funding by showcasing innovative 'best-buy' financing partnerships that have worked to advance and sustain the ICPD agenda. The moderated discussion will showcase political commitment as an irreducible minimum to sustained domestic financing and will include success stories from high-impact and cost-effective financing models. The significance of policy, legislation and oversight in sustaining financing flows to SRHR will also be demonstrated and the session will conclude with a round of commitments by legislators who will undertake to find alternatives to unlock new resources (revenue mobilization), share existing resources differently (reallocation), spend better (make efficiency gains) and undertake reforms (on tax, insurance, resource pooling). This event will be convened by Global Parliamentary Alliance, an initiative of the European Parliamentary Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, in collaboration with UNFPA, Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum, Open Consultants, and Advance Family Planning (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health),

DATE Wed, 13 November
TIME 13:00 - 14:30 EAT
Location Courtyard 3
Financing required to complete the ICPD Programme of Action, and to sustain the gains made
Event type Concurrent Sessions

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