Khayriniso Yusufi
Vice-Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan Tajikistan Republic

Hon. Ms. Khayriniso Yusufi is the Vice-Speaker of the Vice-Speaker of the Madjlisi Namoyandagon, Madjlisi Oli (Parliament) of Republic of Tajikistan. She has been a member of the Parliament since 2008 representing the "People Democracy Party of Tajikistan".


She has university degrees in several areas such as veterinary, law, philology and management. Hon. Ms. Yusufi started her political career in 1987, when she became the First Secretary of the Young Communist League in her hometown, Pendjikent. Then she held positions of Deputy Chair of Pendjikent followed by Deputy Chair of Sughd district. In 2004, she became the Vice-Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan. Upon leaving this position, Hon. Ms. Yusufi became the Chair of the National Committee on Family and Women Affairs under the President of Tajikistan. In 2014, she led the establishment of the National Committee on Population and Development and became its Chairperson.

One of her major accomplishments as a legislator was the adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence, which was the first legislation of its kind in Tajikistan. The Law was adopted in 2012 after 10 years of advocacy work spearheaded by Hon. Yusufi. In 2014, the National Committee on Population and Development was established under the leadership of Hon. Yusufi. In November 2015, the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS awarded Hon. Yusufi for her contribution to development of inter-country relationships

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