Localizing ICPD Commitments: Youth and Community

Twenty-five years on, the reality of the ICPD Programme of Action is that its agenda has too often taken a global focus at the expense of local-level progress. The aim of this session is to bring together an inter-generational group of leaders and change-makers to exchange best practices, policy objectives and strategies that inspire change at the local level, and to apply these lessons to better implement the ICPD Programme of Action at the local level. This concurrent session will move ICPD25 from global to local by empowering young people to be the drivers of change in their own communities and have their sexual and reproductive health and rights fulfilled. This event will be convened by Rutgers, HIVOS, Choice of Youth and Sexuality and Dance4Life.

DATE Thu, 14 November
TIME 12:30 - 14:00 EAT
Location Courtyard 1
Event type Concurrent Sessions

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