Eliot Zeballos Cadena
Advocacy Officer ADESPROC Libertad, Bolivia

Eliot Zeballos Cadena is a Bolivian age 28 years old and graduated from the Bolivian Catholic University. He made a Minor in International Relations in the same house of studies. In addition, he has a Diploma in Public and Social Policies from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz - Bolivia. He has been Involved with social issues since 2012, he is a Human Rights activist and in particular of the LGBTI+ community , women, youth and the environment. He currently works as Head of Political Advocacy at ADESPROC Libertad GLBT, is Coordinator of the LGBTI Secretariat of the Bolivian Right Here Right Now Platform, is Secretary of Political Advocacy (Ah honorem) in the Bolivian Coalition of LGBTI Collectives and is the President (Ah honorem) of the Citizen Council of Sexual and Gender Diversities at the La Paz Municipality.

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