With the Nairobi Summit just around the corner, take a look at the Youth Prep Guide to learn more about:  

  • The Summit and the programme.
  • Tips and materials for getting ready.
  • Information on how to engage on commitments, social media etc.
  • Advice on connecting to other youth participants, like for instance using a Facebook group.

Watch this page to keep up with the latest updates on youth engagement in Nairobi!

  • Recording and Presentation Webinar No.3 (Update, 31 October) — Would you like to learn more about how you can communicate effectively for your advocacy? Check out the recording and presentation from the third preparation webinar, co-hosted with the Population Reference Bureau.
  • Learn more about safeguarding at the Summit (Update, 30 October)  We want to make sure your participation in the Summit is meaningful, enjoyable and safe. Before traveling to Nairobi, please read the Safeguarding Guidelines for Youth Participants which explain what you can expect from us, what is expected of you, and how to report any concerns.
  • Recording and Presentation Webinar No.2 (Update, 25 October) — Would you like to learn more about how you can navigate international conferences as a youth advocate? Check out the recording and presentation from the second preparation webinar, co-hosted with Plan International.
  • Recording and Presentation Webinar No.1 (Update, 18 October) — Check out the recording and presentation from the webinar focusing on “Organizing and Mobilizing on the Road to Nairobi,'' co-hosted by MGCY and Restless Development. 
  • Weekly webinars (Update, 14 October) — Join our weekly webinar series to help you navigate the Summit. The webinars will include general information and a brief overview of youth participation, as well as skills development exercises run by trusted partners.
  • Engage on the road to Nairobi! (Update, 17 September) — Check out the official ICPD25 Youth Engagement Toolkit. We aim for the toolkit to be used by young people involved in the Summit to educate, engage and embolden young people on commitments, organizing satellite events and resources.

Please reach out to Irem Tumer for any questions.