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On the Road to Nairobi

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Read about our progress as we forge the path to Nairobi. And tell us how you are taking and inspiring action. We may even include your stories here!

World leaders, civil society and private sector gathering in Nairobi to commit to actions for ending maternal death, meeting demand for family planning and stopping gender-based violence by 2030

Actions to save mothers’ lives, meet the global demand for contraception and stop violence against women and girls by 2030 are the focus of a three-day global summit that begins here tomorrow.

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ICPD at 25 years: Time to expand the agenda

The Lancet

UHC will remain elusive for women and adolescents unless it includes sexual and reproductive health and rights

Thomson Reuters

Learning from the experts: First-hand perspectives on self-care in Uganda

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Nuns and monks break the silence on sexual and reproductive health and rights in Bhutan

Nuns and monks in Bhutan – known locally as Anims and Lopens Gelongs – speak about their work destigmatizing sexual and reproductive health in their communities.

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#IMarchFor - Africa

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