The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25

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On the Road to Nairobi

Join us!

Be an advocate for change! Demand your rights and encourage others to do the same. And tell us how you are marking the path to Nairobi.

Tracking ICPD progress, unfinished business in Ethiopia

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5 ways female genital mutilation undermines the health of women and girls

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Unfinished business of women’s health and rights

“We’ve got to be braver in our commitment to the broad agenda of the ICPD Programme of Action. Why wouldn’t you want the women in your family to be autonomous, happier and safer?" said FIGO’s Honorary Secretary Lesley Regan. "There is much to celebrate, but we’ve got to make this ‘unfinished business’ everybody’s business too.”


Three reasons why the ICPD matters to you

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ICPD25 in Eastern Europe & Central Asia

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International Steering Committee dedicated to making Nairobi Summit a success

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