Akola Thompson
Writer and environmental journalist Environmental Journalist, women and LGBT rights activist with Women’s Wednesdays Guyana
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Mamata Tiendrebaogo
Member of Parliament Government of Burkina Faso

Hon Mamata Tiendrebaogo is a young woman politician, who currently serves a member of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso on...

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Sheila Tlou
Co-Chair Global HIV Prevention Coalition

Professor Sheila Tlou has been Co-Chair of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition since its launch in 2017. She previously...

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Eznur Toprak

Eznur is an active and committed young practitioner collaborating with RET in Türkiye since early 2014. Eznur has played an...

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Sadya Touré
President, women's rights activist Mali Muso

Sadya Touré is a young Women's Rights activist and president of Mali Muso, an organization which sensitizes on gender-based...

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Nisia Trindade Lima
President Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Ministry of Health, Brazil

Dr. Nisia Trindade Lima, President,  Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Ministry of Health, Brazil. Dr. Nísia Trindade Lima, a highly...

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Marco Tsaradia
Honorable Member of Parliament Government of Madagascar
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Her Excellency Wzo.
Yalem Tsegaye
Minister of Women, Children & Youth Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

H.E. Wzo. Yalem Tsegaye is the Minister of Women, Children & Youth under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia....

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Florence Tumuheirwe
Executive Director Kabale Women in Development


Tumuheirwe Florence is a residence of Rweikonko village, Kyabuhangwa Parish Kamwezi sub-county in Rukiga district...

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