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Wed, 13 November - 13:00 - 14:30 EAT
Courtyard 2

The Revolution is Inclusion: Sports and Empowerment

Calling all athletes, sport fanatics and more! Come together to talk about the impactful role of sport in improving the lives of men, women and children. This session is an opportunity for new and existing partners to join the team and chart a path towards realizing Agenda 2030. Expect the unveiling of new and innovative initiatives that advance partnerships for sport and sexual and reproductive health, as well as a round of commitments at the national and international levels from various sporting partners. This event will be convened by Special Olympics and UNFPA.

Wed, 13 November - 13:00 - 14:00 EAT

Commitment Statements 2.5

Member States & Other Stakeholders Commitment Statements

Wed, 13 November - 13:00 - 14:30 EAT

Fulfilling the Cairo Promise in a Fragile World

Today, more than two billion people live in countries affected by conflict, violence and fragility. This session will highlight major humanitarian trends including rising displacement to galvanize action to fulfill the promise of Cairo to uphold the rights for universal sexual and reproductive health and ending GBV everywhere including in humanitarian and fragile settings.

Wed, 13 November - 13:00 - 14:30 EAT
Courtyard 3

Financing Partnerships: Elaborating what works

High-impact, blended, cost-effective, innovative. These are the words that will define promising financing landscapes for sexual and reproductive health and rights moving forward. This session will highlight the importance of scaling up domestic funding by showcasing innovative 'best-buy' financing partnerships that have worked to advance and sustain the ICPD agenda. The moderated discussion will showcase political commitment as an irreducible minimum to sustained domestic financing and will include success stories from high-impact and cost-effective financing models. The significance of policy, legislation and oversight in sustaining financing flows to SRHR will also be demonstrated and the session will conclude with a round of commitments by legislators who will undertake to find alternatives to unlock new resources (revenue mobilization), share existing resources differently (reallocation), spend better (make efficiency gains) and undertake reforms (on tax, insurance, resource pooling). This event will be convened by Global Parliamentary Alliance, an initiative of the European Parliamentary Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, in collaboration with UNFPA, Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum, Open Consultants, and Advance Family Planning (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health).

Wed, 13 November - 14:00 - 15:00 EAT
Umeme Stage

Lightning Talks: ICPD in the digital age from innovation to social media

This lightning session will discus the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology to fulfill the promise of the ICPD agenda.

Wed, 13 November - 14:00 - 15:30 EAT
Shimba Hills

FILM - Engaging Artists and Storytellers to Change the Narrative of Reproductive Health

How can film, music, poetry and street art elevate the promises of the 1994 Cairo Conference? Join a panel of award-winning international artists in a unique fireside chat as they share and showcase their innovative arts and storytelling projects that have helped change the narrative of reproductive health, women’s empowerment and gender equality to engage a wider audience. Artists include: • Ayanda Makayi, musician and actor from MTV Shuga (South Africa) • Wise Two, graffiti artist (Kenya) • Charlotte Hill O’Neal, poet, musician and visual artist (Tanzania) • Poeta Dennis, poet and founder of The Art East Hub (Kenya) • Buddha Blaze, music manager/producer, founder of Nairobi Hip Hop and host of The Blaze Podcast (Kenya) • DJ Mix Master Lenny, DJ (Kenya) • Lisa Russell, filmmaker and Founder of Create2030 (USA)