Policy Makers Dialogue

Every day, millions of women and couples make decisions on whether to use a contraceptive method to delay, space or avoid pregnancy. Today, more than 300 million women in developing countries are using contraception, but more than 232 million women who want to plan their families are not using an effective method of contraception. This session will discuss high-impact actions that policymakers can take to accelerate action to end unmet need for family planning. It will highlight commitments, innovations and approaches countries are taking to expand access to reproductive health services, especially family planning, as part of achieving universal health coverage. Countries will be invited to discuss lessons learned, and to share ideas on how the global community can, together, drive progress towards expanding access to rights-based family planning in support of attaining universal health coverage.

DATE Thu, 14 November
TIME 12:30 - 14:00 EAT
Location Courtyard 6
Event type Concurrent Sessions

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