Lightning Talks: Youth, Peace and Security, Climate Change and leaving no one behind in humanitarian response - realizing the ICPD everywhere

Umeme Stage: An uncertain world, from conflict to climate change, affects all generations throughout all aspects of their lives. Sharing experiences in ensuring Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the most difficult circumstances and working with young people to promote youth, peace and security.

At the same time in the Pamoja Zone
Community Corner 
17:15 Community Conversation on Hatian Paper Art 
18:00 Community Conversation on Gender and Social Norms - Society, pricetags and labels on our bodies

DATE Tue, 12 November
TIME 17:30 - 19:00 EAT
Location Umeme Stage
Upholding the right to sexual and reproductive health care even in humanitarian and fragile contexts
Event type Lightning Sessions

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