Monica Geingos, First Lady of Namibia, has a dream.

In it, she explained, "we protect our young people from harm, and this dream starts by ensuring that we ensure access to reproductive health information to anybody who impregnates and anybody who can fall pregnant."

If a 13-year old can impregnate, and if a 13-year old can fall pregnant, Ms. Geingos added, they need to have access to the information and services that can assist them. Ensuring zero unmet needs for family planning is one of the "three zeros" at the heart of the agenda for the Nairobi Summit, which hopes to end the unfinished business of ICPD.

“I also dream of a statistics heaven, where we have timely and accurate statistics on health interventions, on police statistics so we can identify problematic behaviour and arrest problematic patterns before they turn into a crisis,” she concluded. 

The First Lady participated on 22 May in high-level reception in Windhoek to kick off UNFPA Namibia's Roadmap to Nairobi, a series of events that will culminate with Namibia's reaffirmation of support to the ICPD Agenda at the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25.

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