Innovative Partnerships: Harnessing Creative Industries to Tackle Stigma and Taboo

Supermodels, entrepreneurs and fashion designers are part of multi-billion-dollar industries that have the power to change how we think and talk about  women's health, including menstrual hygiene, sexuality and sex education. Some of these social influencers are already using their platforms and reach to attack the stigma and taboos around women’s sexual and reproductive health. In this signature session, we’ll learn from what influencers are already doing to address social norms, destigmatize women’s health, and empower the next generation. The session will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss what works, identify what more is needed, and invite new faces into the conversation and movement! 

DATE Wed, 13 November
TIME 15:00 - 16:30 EAT
Location Aberdare/Lenana
Universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of universal health coverage
Event type Signature Sessions

Virtual conference

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