In 1994, global leaders committed to achieving a better, fairer world for women. 

At the International Conference on Population and Development, governments agreed that countries must uphold each individual’s right to make free and informed choices over their own sexual and reproductive health. These rights – which encompass the right to sexual health information, the right to the highest possible standard of reproductive health care, and the empowerment and autonomy of women – are a precondition for achieving gender equality.

Yet 25 years later, these rights have not been realized for all.

But something extraordinary is happening: Women around the world are stepping up, defying the odds to secure the rights of their friends, sisters and countrywomen.

They are real-life superheroes, and their efforts are a clarion call. Collectively, their stories offer evidence of what remains to be done, and of the feats that can be accomplished – when there is the will.

Our leaders must take note and act.

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