His Excellency
Mohamed Bangura
Minister of Youth Affairs Government of Sierra Leone

Mr. Mohamed Bangura, Minister of Youth Affairs was born in Magburka town located in Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone on 24 December 1985. He came from a very modest family of petty traders. He was practically raised by his illiterate mother due to the unfortunate death of his father when Mr. Bangura was only a toddler. The death of his father engendered a severe setback in the development of young Mohamed Bangura. He underwent a long period of hardship which included various stints as a tailoring apprentice, a wheelbarrow boy (cart pusher) and a formidable trader-go-between at the Bo central market Sierra Leone.

Undaunted by his early life predicaments which culminated to his dropping out of school at a point, Mr. Bangura managed to surmount various hurdles in early life. But with discipline and self-perseverance, he succeeded in acquiring for himself a decent level of education that has made a tremendous impact to his career today.

Mohamed Bangura had his primary education at the TDEC Primary School, Magburaka (headquarters of Tonkolili District) in the early 1990s. He obtained his WASC (West African School Certificate) through home studies and got the required qualification to earn himself a place at the famous and widely-acclaimed "Athens and Oxbridge of West Africa" -Fourah Bay College (now University of Sierra Leone) where he enrolled for and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance in 2010.

His professional career cuts across several posts held in the banking and mining sectors. For instance, he held the position of Compliance Officer at the Standard Chartered Bank from 2010-2011 and proceeded from there to work for the London Mining Plc as an Accountant from 2011-2013. He moved on to Total Global Steel company Ltd. as Finance and Admin Manager from 2015 to 2016. Shortly after the end of Ebola in early 2016, Mohamed Bangura joined the non-governmental organization, eHealth Africa as Chief Accounting , a position he held until he was appointed as a minister by President Julius Maada Bio in May 2018.

Mr. Bangura is a devoted family man; blessed with a wife and loving son. Besides mentoring youth and young adults as well as doing community organizing during his ministerial routine, the Minister enjoys gardening, sports and reading classics during his limited leisure hours.

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