Mavis Naa Korley Aryee
National Radio Host - Adolescent and Youth Program Curious Minds

Mavis Naa Korley Aryee is a member of the Children and Youth in Broadcasting CYIB CURIOUS MINDS. Having joined the group close to a decade ago based on a recommendation by another member, she has not looked back in learning from colleagues and imbibing the essence of advocacy. Right from her nascent stages in the group, she stood out as someone who will not allow a modest background to hold her down. She integrated quickly and contributed to programmes using her community-level experience and drawing parallels with existing laws and conventions that the country and the international community have signed on to.

Presently, as a presenter in a Youth level programme GEMS OF OUR TIME on national radio and also on the local language version of Child rights and reproductive health programme MOMLIKOO, she seizes every opportunity to learn more and does not hold back from supporting much younger ones who join with the basic knowledge of advocacy and broadcasting that takes ethics into consideration. 

Without a doubt, she is a youth leader that so many others look up to in her community as she inspires many young ladies to remain resolute in their goals as they work on issues that largely relate to the ICPD Programme of Action. Mavis has also participated in other youth-focused programmes including the 7th African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights, Ghana Tertiary Leaders Conference, Ending Trafficking in Humans, Ghana Tertiary Women's Mentorship series as well as League of Young Communicators Summit

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