Yola Mgogawana
Activist Earthchild Project

“We will not accept a life of fear and devastation. The crisis is now. People are dying.” says a 12year old from Khayelitsha (Cape Town), who has become a local climate activist.

Yola is a member of Eco Warriors with the Earthchild Project, through their school, Yomelela Primary. The Earthchild Project is a nonprofit organisation that integrates environmental education into classrooms.

In March 2019, Yola joined the global climate strikes and marched to Parliament in Cape Town. She addressed a crowd of nearly 2000 fellow learners, appealing for justice and environmental policies to confront global warming.

Yola takes her eco activism very seriously and spend her spare time raising awareness around environmental issues affecting her community, organising clean up and presents talks at neighbouring schools.

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