Marcela Romero
Regional Coordinator Regional Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Trans People

 Marcela Romero is an Argentinian global activist and human rights defender for the trans population in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2004 Marcela has been working in the activism for the rights of the trans population. She has been the Regional Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of trans people (REDLACTRANS) since 2006, and director of the Argentinean Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgender people (ATTTA) since 2005. Marcela worked hard to make trans people visible and installs the term transphobia on the agendas of governments and international cooperation agencies. In 2009 she was named “Outstanding woman” by the Argentinean Congress for her ongoing human rights work. Marcela Romero is noted for her hard work in advocating for the passing favourable laws that enhance the quality of life of trans people in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2012, the Argentine Gender Identity Law was approved, of which she was the promoter. Currently she and the REDLACTRANS are supporting projects to advocate for gender identity laws in Latin America and the Caribbean with the #Translivesmatter campaign. In 2015, she assumes as president of the Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans (FALGBT). In 2017 he founded “The Trans House” which is the first space directed by trans people in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 2016-2019 she coordinated the first regional project of The Global Fund aimed at trans people: “Trans women without borders against transphobia and HIV-AIDS”. A project that covered 13 countries in the region. 

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