Sherrly Achieng Agina
Plucker/ Acting Clerk Savani Estate - Kamkong Divison

I am Sherrly Achieng Agina, I am an employee of Eastern Produce Kenya (EPK) Ltd – Savani Tea Estate, Kamkong Division zone D working as a tea plucker and a reliever clerk weighing tea leaves and on some instances as acting clerk. I have been a plucker for six years. I love and enjoy my job since the working conditions are conducive and through the salary I am paid, I have catered for my financial and personal needs. Our estate is one of the top quality tea producers and is leading among the seven factories of EPK Ltd. I am married with two children (both boys). The first born is six years and the last born three years. They are schooling in Kamkong primary school with the first born in grade one while the last born is in pre-primary one.

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