Helen Caroline Chaitezvi
PreP Champion

Hellen Caroline Chaitezvi (26) has been a sex worker since the age of 21 years. She went into sex work for income generation and in that journey she has become a strong advocate for sex workers’ rights. She has also become a PrEP Champion and is part of the Sex Work Association. Hellen recently went on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) after having tested HIV negative several times. Her journey as a Prep Champion has been satisfying this far and she believes PrEP should be easily accessible be all. Her PrEP mobilization efforts are targeted at fellow sex workers and the community at large. Her current duties as a PrEP Champion include:
● identifying those in need of PrEP (sex workers, LGBTI community)
● referrals for service access
● facilitating support groups for PrEP clients

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