Rashid Swaleh
Executive Director Muslim Intervention for Health Education (MIHE)

Ustadh Rashid is an Islamic teacher and Cleric with 17 years of service. He
is a religious supervisor and directly oversees 24 other Sheikhs. He is the
chairperson of SUPKEM Rabai Branch, youth member of Kilifi County
SUPKEM and the Executive Director of Muslim Intervention for Health
Education (MIHE).
Ustadh Rashid is passionate about healthy communities. He has worked
as a champion of Family Planning for over two years. He uses scriptures
from the Holy Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PUH) to
provide young people with accurate information on family planning and
reproductive health that is acceptable to Islamic beliefs. He shares the
information with young people through Radio every Friday. He has
empowered other sheikhs to use mosques and pulpits as platforms for
Ustadh Rashid is married and has children.

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