Kristeena Monteith
Creative Producer Talk Up Radio

A proud Jamaican, 24-year-old Kristeena Monteith is the Creative Producer leading Talk Up Radio, an innovative radio show completely staffed by young people under the age of 25 that broadcasts nationally in Jamaica.

As a youth organization, Talk Up Radio has engaged the Jamaican youth in constructive dialogue with elected officials in the areas of National Security, Youth Development and Education by inviting young people to ask questions on social media then tune in to their broadcast to hear the Government Ministers who hold these portfolios answer these questions. These conversations have led to action plans with well-rounded solutions shaped by the inventiveness of the youth and the leadership experience and policy-knowledge of the Government.

These conversations raised the consciousness-levels of the young people in our youth community (more than 50 from all socioeconomic backgrounds) and they are engaging their peers in creating initiatives to address the goals they are most interested in/best able to contribute to.

Furthermore, these conversations also provided civil society with a traditional and new media outlet to promote their activities/projects that are doing amazing work in achieving these goals including Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate Change, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network. Inner- city Development Youth Association, while supporting individual local and international advocates in getting their work noticed for funding opportunities, partnerships and especially youth supporters.

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