Women for Change Cameroon
Leinyuy Kinkoh Raïssa
Women for a Change (Wfac)

Leinyuy Kinkoh Raïssa is a 17 year old adolescent girl from the Northwest region of Cameroon. With over two years of experience in community mobilizing and organizing for girls rights and education. Growing up, Raïssa has always been curious and enthusiastic to learn, share and increase her knowledge and understanding about gender equality and the empowerment of the girl child especially on equal participation of the girl child in policy making and implementation. This quest and zeal to see girls leading change, confronting and challenging patriarchy in all its forms and fronts, began her volunteering journey in 2017 as a college club member and team lead for a Young Women Leadership Program and later on joined the gender, sexuality/ society and health education (gShe) program, established as part of Women for a Change (Wfac) weekly outreach and educational training and awareness raising program in schools, with the aim of providing young people, adolescents, women and girls with the right knowledge, education, skills, and efficacy to make informed decisions about their sexuality and lifestyle. Her role as a the team lead ranged from managing a team of 10 members, to developing sensitization campaign programs for her peers and adolescents in and out of schools about gender equality, human rights and adolescent girls access to sexual and reproductive health rights and services such as contraceptives. Recently, Raïssa was selected among 30 other adolescent girls to attend and speak at the 1st Adolescent Girls Advocacy Leadership Training and Press Conference onBeijing+25

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