Nicky Leroux
feminist activist WoMin

Dominique is an intersectional African feminist activist with a passion for womxn’srights, voice and agency.Her political position is the disruption of oppressive systems of power that exists in gender, race, “north” vs “south”; class, ethnicity, language and sexual identity to name just a few. And  her  analysis  and  thinking  on  social justice and women’s oppression is framed by these politics.

Nicky has a strong background and extensive experience in the development field, having worked in development programming, grant making and programmemanagement for well over 20 years. She is employed by WoMin, an African regional feminist collective working on issues of the many violence’s brought on to women in rural and peri urban communities; by states and corporates involved in large scale naturalresource extraction.This work takes her across the continent and has  afforded  her  the  exposure  to  and  opportunity  of  working  in  the  various  contexts  in  which women experience these layers of violence through this vicious form of imposed development.

Nicky  provides  leadership  to  WoMin  on  organisational  development,  particularly  around  policy development. This includes leadership on WoMin’s monitoring and evaluation strategy and has been working to build a feminist ML&E for the programmes and partners thatprioritises learning over outcomes.

Nicky  thrives  on  the  creation  of  womxn’s  spaces  to  promote  cross  learning,  solidarity  and mobilisation; and also in spaces for women to meet and share with the sole purpose of such.

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