FILM - Women Making Film: A selection of shorts

Heroines of Health

With introduction by Desta Lakew, Chair, Women in Global Health Africa   

Today women make up 75% of the global healthcare workforce, yet too often their work is unrecognized. These are three of many untold stories that may hold the key to unlocking better health for more people around the world. Mercy, Dr. Sharmila and Mrs. Rohani come from different backgrounds. They speak different languages. Yet they share a common journey, overcoming steep challenges and expectations to bring better health to their communities.

Documentary/US/English/29 minutes/2017
Director: Lisa Russell
Producer: GE Healthcare 


Winner of the Best Short Award at the Pan African Film Festival 2018, Kyenvu tells the story of an unexpected love affair that is formed at a taxi stop in Uganda and is forever changed by a wardrobe choice.

Drama/Uganda/English/20 minutes/2018
Director: Kemiyendo Coutinho
Producer: Kemiyendo Coutinho

The Camel’s Back

A young girl suffering from past trauma believes that she has one day left to live. She sets out on a journey to find her one paradise before it happens. This film was winner of the ‘Short Films’ and ‘East African Fiction’ categories at the Mashariki Africa Film Festival in 2017.

Drama/Kenya/English/22 minutes/2017
Director: Ari Michelle Mboya 
Producer: Wangechi Ngugi

The screenings will be followed by a Q & A session with the directors. 

DATE Thu, 14 November
TIME 11:00 - 13:00 EAT
Location Shimba Hills
Event type Lightning Sessions