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On the Road to Nairobi

ICPD25 launches toolkit to engage youth at Nairobi Summit

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La partería salva vidas en América Latina y el Caribe

UNFPA Latin America & Caribbean

Zambians with disabilities call for better reproductive health services

UNFPA Zambia

Celebrating ICPD25 in Rwanda: a story of change through Inanga

Watch, listen and feel this all too common story of Maria and Suzanne, told through traditional Rwandan Inanga (an oval-shaped harp, one of the oldest and most revered traditional music instruments in Rwanda) music and dance. An inter-generational story, it shows that the future is brighter than ever before for women and girls’ rights as girls are given access to education and are empowered to thrive.

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Backlash against rights must end, Ugandan youth say

Young people in Uganda are experiencing a backlash against their sexual and reproductive health and rights, particularly in regards to sexuality education, contraception and gender equality. This is because these issues have become politicized, a group of youth advocates stated in a position paper presented to officials from the Ministry of Health, the National Population Council, UNFPA, and the Embassy of Denmark at an ICPD25 Youth Satellite event.


'What's Changed?' Conversation on Sexual and Reproductive Health for People with Disabilities

"We've seen a lot of progress"

Youth advocates with disabilities talk about inclusion, their rights, the progress they've seen in their young lives.

UNFPA ESARO via Youtube