Hatim Aznague
Founder & President of The Sustainable Development’s Youth

As a passionate and dedicated climate justice advocate, Hatim Aznague has made it his mission to promote the concepts of sustainable development to young people, through his work as the founder and president of the Sustainable Development's Youth organization, an NGO based in Morocco. He is a current graduate student in International Studies and Diplomacy and has been actively involved in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP), working to ensure that young voices are heard and represented in discussions surrounding climate change.

Aznague's dedication to social justice and human rights began at a young age, when he was selected for the children's parliament in Morocco. There, he worked on a strategy to improve the mental health of Moroccan children, setting the stage for his future work in advocacy and activismHe has also represented UN Major Group for Children and Youth's coordination and substantive engagement in the lead-up to and follow-up of the Commission on the Status of Women, as well as topics related to SDG5.

In 2018, Aznague’s NGO was recognized for its efforts with the United Nations SDGs Award in the mobilizer category by the SDG Action Campaign. Aznague has also been chosen as a Moroccan delegate of the Youth4Climate initiative, convened by the Government of Italy and aimed to amplify the work of young climate leaders and celebrate the power of the young generation to drive ambitious climate action. In 2022, Aznague was selected to the Arab Youth Climate Change Council as a council member in Dubai.