Media at the Nairobi Summit


The Secretariat of the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 accredits members of the media while ensuring the safety, security and comfort of all participants.

Accredited journalists attending the Summit will have access to plenary, signature and concurrent sessions, which will feature high-level speakers and attendees representing governments, parliaments, civil society organizations, grassroots organizations, young people, the private sector, communities, faith-based organizations, indigenous peoples, international financial institutions, people with disabilities, academics and many others interested in the pursuit of sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

During the Summit, journalists will have access to a Media Centre at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), which will host daily press conferences and other media events.

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All members of the media who want to cover the Summit must first register and apply for accreditation here. Media interested gaining access to the KICC during the Summit are encouraged to apply for accreditation as soon as possible. All applicants for accreditation must provide:

  • Letter from your media organization confirming that you work for them.
  • Letter on media's official letterhead and signed by the editor in chief or the news director requesting your accreditation specifically for the Summit.
  • National press card.
  • Photocopy of government-issued ID.
  • Work samples (see registration form for details).

There are additional requirements for different types of media, described on the accreditation application form.

  • Online media. 3 bylined articles within the past 12 months that were posted on the website, which must belong to a recognized media organization and have a specific, verifiable street address and a telephone number. It must also have at least 60 per cent original news content or commentary or analysis, and be updated at a minimum of three times a week.

  • Freelance journalists. Clear documentation that they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. A valid assignment letter is mandatory.


Not eligible for media accreditation

  • Publications/outlets which are communications outreach or advocacy publications of NGOs do not qualify for media accreditation.
  • Double accreditation is not permitted (press + delegate, press + NGO).



  • The Media Centre is an open working space with workstations with free high-speed internet and screens to watch sessions. It has roundtables for meetings and interviews as well as a catering area with water, tea, coffee and light snacks free of charge.
  • Press conferences will be held at Taifa Hall, where co-conveners and partners will have multiple media events throughout the duration of the Summit.


General information regarding the media facilities

  • The Media Centre will be open from 08:30 to 18:00.
  • One-on-one media interviews may take place in the Media Centre; group interviews may take place in Taifa Hall.
  • The media coordination team will update accredited journalists with the daily schedule of press conferences.


Media at the Summit

  • Badges. Starting 11 November at 10:30, accredited media may pick up their badge at Charter Hall, within the same building that houses the Nairobi County Governor’s office and situated opposite the KICC on Harambee Ave. 
  • Access. A media badge will allow access to all areas inside the KICC except the holding area for high-level delegates. In some of the  larger rooms there may be a special seating area for media and specific moments to allow them to get closer to the stage for photo taking. 
  • Interviews. The media coordinators can only directly arrange interviews with a select number of spokespersons but will maintain a roster of spokespeople available for interviews.



Members of the media are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in their interaction with other journalists, delegates and attendees. Journalists who violate the ground rules for professionalism may have their accreditation withdrawn or suspended.



  • Many sessions will be live streamed on the Nairobi Summit website and YouTube channel. The full recordings will be posted at the end of each day on Youtube and Vimeo
  • Photos and B-roll video footage taken by photographers and videographers commissioned by the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 will be made available to journalists on this site as well as through dedicated accounts on Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo. Journalists are free to use all this material with proper credit. 
  • Other resources, such as factsheets, will also be featured on this page as they become available.


Media coordination team contact details

Paul Barasa (Media Centre)

Mobile / WhatsApp: +254 773 072220


Washington Akumu (Media Centre) 

Mobile/ WhatsApp: +254724509033


Patrick Mwaura (Taifa Hall) 

Mobile /WhatsApp: +254 722 579 668


Evelyne Ogutu (Taifa Hall) 

Mobile /WhatsApp: +254 721 794 754



Updates, including press releases issued by co-conveners and partners during the Summit, will be published in the News section of the Nairobi Summit website.