The Nairobi Summit is committed to providing reasonable accommodation  to persons with disabilities. We have therefore put in place the following measures to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to access and participate in most sessions. These measures will also afford them comfort and peace of mind for the duration of the Summit.

Physical accessibility of the venue  — We have ensured that most rooms where sessions and other conference-related events are taking place have ramps for wheelchair accessibility. (Please note, however, that there is very limited wheelchair accessibility in the Amphitheatre, which requires that wheelchairs be pushed up a ramp.) We will also ensure proper spacing between rows and make sure that pathways are barrier-free. Most doors are wide enough to accommodate mobility devices, floors are non-slippery, and lifts/elevators are available.

Dedicated ushers and support staff — We have made provisions for dedicated ushers and support staff to offer support, as needed, to persons with disabilities.

Accommodation — The hospitality website has identified hotels that offer support to persons with disabilities. These hotels will ensure that facilities are accessible, and that any other needs that may arise are catered to.

Transport — Vehicles have been identified that are disability-friendly and can accommodate wheelchairs. In addition, we will provide special transport assistance as required. To request a disability-friendly vehicle please contact

Live captioning on all screens — We will have live captioning on all the screens in the five main plenaries (rooms Tsavo A and B, Aberdare/Lenana, the Amphitheater and the Lawn Hall) in English. At the courtyard sessions, there will be live captioning in English and French.

Sign language interpretation services — Select sessions will have sign language.

Toilets  — The venue has toilets/portable toilets accessible to persons with disabilities. The doors are wide enough to accommodate mobility devices.

Parking — Due to space limitations, there is no provision for parking inside the Summit venue. However persons with disabilities using our shuttles will be dropped off at the venue, and we have dedicated ushers and stewards to assist them as required.