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Youth support services

Commitment description:

Continue to implement strategies for the social inclusion of adolescents and young people, taking advantage of the demographic dividend and preventing forced migration for economic reasons in Venezuela, by promoting comprehensive training plans, programmes and projects for participation in the labour market, violence prevention, sexual and reproductive health, as well as leadership training for self-employment, entrepreneurship, participation and youth citizenship

Mode of engagement:
  • Programmatic action
    Programas y proyectos de apoyo a la juventud, especialmente prevención, atención y promoción de alternativas de inserción laboral: capacitación, formación de competencias y autoempleo, violencia, salud sexual y reproductiva y liderazgo y emprender
Commitment to be actioned in: Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Submitted from: Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
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Equipo de Formación Información y Publicaciones
Thematic area
Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(8) Investing in the education, employment opportunities, health, including family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, of adolescents and youth, especially girls, so as to fully harness the promises of the demographic dividend.