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Social control to defend the ICPD25 agenda in Brazil

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As part of the 25th anniversary of the ICPD, Brazilian civil society advocates for the full implementation of the ICPD, the Montevideo Consensus, the 2030 Agenda and the maintenance of important public policies created in the 30 years of redemocratization in the country, which are at risk and under attack. In 2019, Brazilian civil society organized 15 consultations on ICPD25 in all regions of the country, with meetings with different population groups to reposition the ICPD in Brazil and to increase social participation towards the Nairobi Summit. Accepting our mission of starting and monitoring the implementation of the ICPD in Brazil, the Rede Brasileira de População e Desenvolvimento (REBRAPD), representing Brazilian civil society working for the population and development agenda, commits to: 1. Organize the Brazilian National Cairo+25 Seminar in Rio de Janeiro on 5–6 November 2019 for 250 representatives of civil society from all regions of Brazil. This will be the main national action to assess and make recommendations on ICPD25 in the country; 2. Create a virtual platform to monitor Montevideo Consensus indicators broken down by the 27 Brazilian states for intersectional analysis on issues of gender, race, generation, sexuality and territory at the subnational level; 3. Publish the Spotlight Report on the implementation of the Agenda on Population and Development in Brazil each year between 2020 and 2025. Taking into account that: the Brazilian government has no structure for monitoring the ICPD, that it dissolved the Comissão Nacional de População e Desenvolvimento, and that it has not published any public report on the implementation of the 25th ICPD, we commit to not leaving it behind. The ICPD is an agenda for the Brazilian state, not for a government! That is why civil society commits to expanding monitoring efforts to strengthen democracy in Brazil.

Modes of engagement:
  • Policy and guidance
    We are reinforcing our commitment to monitoring and evaluation practices for ICPD25 so that findings might be used in decision making
  • Programmatic action
    Our commitment fits under the Population and Development programmatic area and we work under a network that represents more than 70 CSO's engaged in the P&D agenda
Commitment to be actioned in: Americas
Submitted from: Brazil
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Rede Brasileira de População e Desenvolvimento
Thematic area
Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(10) Providing quality, timely and disaggregated data, that ensures privacy of citizens and is also inclusive of younger adolescents, investing in digital health innovations, including in big data systems, and improvement of data systems to inform policies aimed at achieving sustainable development.