Commitment title:

To reduce MMR, tackle unmet need for FP, prevent and respond to GBV and harness the DD in conformity with SDGs, mobilizing adequate resources,exploring new and innovative financing instruments, including South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

Commitment description:

Bangladesh commits to:

1. Strengthen efforts to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate from 169 to 70 per 100,000 live births by 2030 through adequate coverage and quality of maternal health care, including quality institutional delivery, midwifery services, 4 Ante-Natal Care/Post-Natal Care visits, adequate response to Post-Partum Haemmorhage and Eclampsia, reducing child marriage and ensuring Post-partum Family Planning.

2. Reduce unmet need for Family Planning (FP), ensuring the availability and access to all family planning methods and contraceptives for everyone. Specific attention will be paid to adolescents and young married couples, and ensuring active male participation in Family Planning.

3. Reduce gender-based violence, early and forced marriages, harassment, and discrimination of girls & women through eliminating child marriage, and ensuring the implementation of the National Action Plans to End Violence Against Women and to End Child Marriage.

4. Address demographic diversity and harness fully the demographic dividend to drive continued, good and inclusive economic growth in order to achieve Bangladesh’s vision to transit to “middle-income country” status and achieve the Agenda 2030 by strengthening basic social services and making strategic investments in adolescent and youth to realize their full potential.

5. Promote South-South and Triangular Cooperation to accelerate the progress on achieving ICPD and SDGs in developing countries.

Modes of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
    Mobilizing adequate resources, exploring new and innovative financing instruments, including South-South and Triangular Cooperation.
  • Programmatic action
    To reduce maternal mortality, tackle unmet need for family planning, prevent and respond to gender-based violence, and harness the demographic dividend in conformity with the Sustainable Development Goals
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Government of Bangladesh
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(1)  Intensify our efforts for the full, effective and accelerated implementation and funding of the ICPD Programme of Action, Key Actions for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD, the outcomes of its reviews, and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.