Commitment title:

Protection of Women and Girls

Commitment description:

The idea of the project is divided into two parts. The first part is awareness and the second part is the work done in the field.
The data shows that there are about one over ten women around the world are suffering from violence and this is a big issue for the development of the society.
In my country and most of the countries the girl that has been raped will do anything to hide what happened to her from her family, friends and her society. Because, they will be looking at her with a very bad way and words. As a result, sometimes this may lead her to live in depression or even suicide in order to escape from the words of people that are surrounding her. Therefore, in order to avoid those horrible consequences I am proposing the following idea.
In the association that I am integrated in. We will make a special section for those cases in which they can communicate with us via Facebook, email or via our application that we will build. We will encourage them to even contact us anonymous because we believe in quote that says “give people a mask and they will tell you the truth". In order to motivate those women to get in touch with our association we will offer them free therapy sessions to express them selfs and to feel better.
The second part of our project focus on avoiding the re-occurrence of the same story to other women. To achieve this, we will be using social media. Since in my county facebook is the most used so our work will be based on it. We will add a section in our facebook page in which we will post the stories that we received from the victims. The stories will be displayed in the form of articles and videos with all the details of the place and time of the incidents. In addition to that, we are willing to create an application in which people can contact us via that application and it will contain maps of the cities with a red mark on the zone of the incident. As a result everyone will know the dangerous places and they will stay away from them.

Mode of engagement:
  • Programmatic action
    Implementation of a new project that will contribute in the protection of women and girls against all type of violence
Commitment to be actioned in: global
Submitted from: Algeria
Submitted by
Hand of Hope
Thematic area
Address gender-based violence and the harmful practices of child, early and forced marriages and female genital mutilation
Commitment category

(5) (a) Zero sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices, including zero child, early and forced marriage, as well as zero female genital mutilation; and (b) Elimination of all forms of discrimination against all women and girls, in order to realize all individuals’ full socio-economic potential.