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Protection, safety and wellbeing of activists and human rights defenders

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At RESURJ, we believe that the meaningful participation of younger south feminists in all their diversity is essential in shaping and advocating for transparent, accountable, and sustainable development policies and programs. We hope that ICPD+25 can provide the inspirations and drive for young advocates and activists to continue to celebrate the transformative vision of the ICPD PoA. To this end, we are committed to fostering equal partnership including intergenerational dialogues, sharing our resources and holding spaces for and by young feminists globally so that we can continue to foster a culture of activism that integrates pleasure and joy. We also know that without assuring protection, safety and well-being of individual activists and human rights defenders we cannot have sustainable development, organizations and movements.

Mode of engagement:
  • Programmatic action
    support and equip young south feminist with skills, knowledge and foster a culture of solidarity so that they can engage in decision making and advocacy spaces, in particular in the follow up and review of ICPD+25 and the 2030 Agenda. 
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RESURJ - Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice
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Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(8) Investing in the education, employment opportunities, health, including family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, of adolescents and youth, especially girls, so as to fully harness the promises of the demographic dividend.