Commitment title:

Protecting women and girls in humanitarian settings

Commitment description:

Nepal commits to ensuring that the basic humanitarian needs of affected populations, including for sexual and reproductive health care and gender based violence prevention and response, are addressed in humanitarian contexts, through the full integration of the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) in all national and sub-national Disaster Risk Reduction Plans.

Modes of engagement:
  • Change or creation of legislation
    Develop comprehensive disaster management legislation to strengthen disaster management governance at all levels.
  • Policy and guidance
    Support evidence-based policy and programme responses through the establishment of a Disaster Management Information System as a one-stop data platform.
Commitment to be actioned in: Nepal
Submitted from: Nepal
Submitted by
Ministry of Health and Population
Thematic area
Uphold the right to sexual and reproductive health care in humanitarian and fragile contexts
Commitment category

(12) Ensuring that the basic humanitarian needs and rights of affected populations, especially that of girls and women, are addressed as critical components of responses to humanitarian and environmental crises, as well as fragile and post-crisis reconstruction contexts, through the provision of access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, education and services, including access to safe abortion services to the full extent of the law, and post-abortion care, to significantly reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, sexual and gender-based violence and unplanned pregnancies under these conditions.