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Positive Approach to young people’s and adolescents’ wellbeing

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At RESURJ we are committed to mobilize the voices and actions of diverse young activists from the global south to demand accountability to policy and programmes that guarantee universal access to the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health services, which are integrated, of high quality, and available, accessible, and acceptable to all women, adolescents, girls, and trans and non-binary people, in all our diversity and throughout our lives. In particular we strive to promote a positive approach to young people’s and adolescents’ sexuality that enables, recognizes, and respects their agency to make informed and independent decisions on matters concerning their bodily autonomy, pleasure, and fundamental freedoms. For this, we are shaping and upholding commitments to comprehensive sexuality education to be provided within and beyond schools, grounded in human rights, gender equality, and bodily integrity.

Mode of engagement:
  • Policy and guidance
    As a global south young feminist alliance, we will engage with decision makers, local and national governments to provide guidance, demonstrate the positive results of effective, youth centered interventions.
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RESURJ - Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice
Thematic area
Achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health as a part of universal health coverage (UHC)
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(4) Access for all adolescents and youth, especially girls, to comprehensive and age-responsive information, education and adolescent-friendly comprehensive, quality and timely services to be able to make free and informed decisions and choices about their sexuality and reproductive lives, to adequately protect themselves from unintended pregnancies, all forms of sexual and  gender-based violence and harmful practices, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, to facilitate a safe transition into adulthood.