Commitment title:

Make advanced demographic transitions in Colombia statistically visible to contribute to understanding their implications in terms of social protection demands as well as their integration into economic dynamics with a focus on equality

Commitment description:

Comprehensively address the knowledge of the change in age structures in populations with advanced demographic transitions in Colombia, based on high-quality, timely and disaggregated data. In this sense, DANE will draw on both traditional statistical methods and alternative sources, such as administrative records and big data, in order to effectively materialize the impacts of population ageing on people, institutions and the economy, which is key to understanding new social protection demands and opportunities for socioeconomic interaction in a context of intergenerational equality. To this end, in 2020, Colombia will fulfil its commitment to create an inter-institutional board on population and development which will bring together the highest government bodies that make this commitment feasible. In addition, DANE, as coordinator of the National Statistical System (SEN), and within the framework of this board, commits to including the issue of ageing in the 2025 National Demographic and Health Survey. Finally, DANE will lead, from no later than 2021, the implementation of periodic National Transfer Accounts studies, which will facilitate the introduction of a focus on intergenerational equality in the social and economic institutionality of Colombia.

Mode of engagement:
  • Programmatic action
    visibilizar estadísticamente las transiciones demográficas avanzadas de Colombia para contribuir en el conocimiento de sus implicaciones en cuanto a demandas de protección social así como de su integración en la dinámica económica.
Commitment to be actioned in: Colombia
Submitted from: Colombia
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Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística - DANE
Thematic area
Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(10) Providing quality, timely and disaggregated data, that ensures privacy of citizens and is also inclusive of younger adolescents, investing in digital health innovations, including in big data systems, and improvement of data systems to inform policies aimed at achieving sustainable development.