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Madagascar's commitment to accelerating the ICPD pledges

Commitment description:

Madagascar is committed to accelerating efforts to deliver on the ICPD 25 pledges 1. Guarantee access to an efficient health system for all in order to achieve the goal of zero preventable maternal deaths and zero unmet need through:  Building the capacity of service providers, strengthening health facilities’ technical skills in RH and FP, increasing the availability of contraceptive products  Raising awareness of and enforcing the law on RH and FP at all levels  Setting up mobile clinics 2. Harness the demographic dividend by investing in young people, ensuring their involvement in the decisions that affect them.  Make information, services adapted to their needs, and contraceptive products available to all young people to protect them against unintended pregnancies and STIs/HIV;  Adapt the comprehensive sexuality education programme to young people  Accelerate job creation and empower populations without discriminating 3. Step up prevention and victim care activities aimed at eradicating gender-based violence, including child marriages, through:  Enacting and enforcing a specific law on GBV  Enhancing the resilience of GBV survivors with a view to facilitating their social reintegration  Adopting a holistic approach towards supporting victims of GBV 4. Increase funding for sexual and reproductive health programmes, thereby filling financial gaps.  Substantially and sustainably increase the health budget and for FP, the procurement and distribution of contraceptives up to the level of the final beneficiaries  Advocate for and mobilize resources, particularly from the private sector and civil society  Strengthen the mechanism promoting tax exemption measures for contraceptive products and medicines 5. Regularly produce quality disaggregated statistical data.

Modes of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
     Augmenter le budget de la Santé et pour la PF, l’achat et la distribution des contraceptifs jusqu’au bénéficiaires finaux  Plaidoyers et mobilisation des ressources,  Mesures de détaxation des produits contraceptifs et médicaments de santé
  • Change or creation of legislation
     La vulgarisation et l’application de la loi sur la SR et la PF à tous les niveaux  L’adoption et l’application de la loi spécifique sur les VBG
  • Policy and guidance
     Mettre en place une politique nationale sur égalité homme/femme  Mesures de détaxation des produits contraceptifs et médicaments de santé
  • Programmatic action
     Le renforcement de capacités et disponibilité des produits contraceptifs  Rendre accessibles à tous les jeunes les informations et services SRH,/PF adaptés à leurs besoins  Approche holistique à l'assistance des victimes de VBG
Commitment to be actioned in: Madagascar
Submitted from: Madagascar
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Ministry of Economy and Finances
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Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(8) Investing in the education, employment opportunities, health, including family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, of adolescents and youth, especially girls, so as to fully harness the promises of the demographic dividend.