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•Mobilize resources to scale up the high-impact strategies implemented in the 23 provinces under the SWEDD initiative by 2023; Gradually increase the budgetary resources allocated to the health sector to 15 per cent of the national budget by 2026, while allocating at least 25 per cent of the budget to mother and child health, including creating a budget line for RH products; Accelerate the process of issuing the implementing decree on Law No. 006/PR/2002 on SRH and ordinance 12 on parity, and implement them successfully; Recruit 2,189 health-care providers by 2021, prioritizing underserved areas, the health of nomadic peoples and areas experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Make the EmONC facilities network operational by recruiting and allocating 315 midwives to accelerate the reduction of infant mortality by 2026; Make two integrated mobile health service and GBV units operational in areas hosting refugee and displaced persons; Pass the social protection law by 2020, and promote decent employment by creating at least 10,000 decent jobs per year for young people, including 40 per cent women, until 2030; Raise awareness of the revised Penal and Criminal Procedure Code in the 23 provinces by 2020;Integrate quality sexual and reproductive health and rights adapted to the needs of adolescents and young people in all health facilities by 2025; Set up two multifunctional centres for the holistic care of male and female GBV survivors in the Tandjilé and Ouaddaï regions by 2026; Promote national inclusive social dialogue surrounding the abandonment of harmful practices through traditional dialogue channels in order to ensure that at least 70 per cent of religious, traditional and community leaders are committed to eradicating this practice by 2026; •Ensure that at least 50 per cent of girls remain in the education system

Modes of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
    •Mobiliser les ressources nécessaires pour le passage à l’échelle des 23 Provinces des stratégies à haut impact de l’initiative SWEDD d’ici 2023 •Augmenter progressivement les ressources budgétaires allouées au secteur de la santé

    Value: 15%

  • Change or creation of legislation
    •Accélérer le processus de prise du décret d’application de la loi N°006/PR/2002 sur la SSR, l’ordonnance 12 sur la parité . Voter la loi sur la protection sociale d'ici 2020. Vulgariser le code pénal et de procédure pénale révisé dans tout le Tchad
  • Policy and guidance
    Promouvoir le dialogue social inclusif national pour l’abandon des pratiques néfastes à travers les canaux traditionnels de concertation en vue de l’adhésion d’au moins 70% des leaders religieux, traditionnels et communautaire d’ici à 2026
  • Programmatic action
    •Recruter d’ici 2021, 2189 personnels de santé en privilégiant les zones mal desservies, la santé des nomades et les zones en situation de crise humanitaire et recruter 315 sages femmes pour le réseau des maternités SONU
Commitment to be actioned in: Chad
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Achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health as a part of universal health coverage (UHC)
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(2) Zero unmet need for family planning information and services, and universal availability of quality, affordable and safe modern contraceptives.