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Equality and equity between men and women by 2030, through a significant, long-term reduction in all forms of gender-based disparity and discrimination

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By 2030, Guinea is committed to: a) Ensuring gender parity in all areas of public life, female participation in political matters as well as in productive sectors of the national economy b) Strengthening the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents and young people, especially girls, by reducing the early pregnancy rate both in and out of school by 40 per cent: by 2018, most girls aged 15 to 19 had already begun their reproductive lives (either being mothers or pregnant with a child). There is an urgent, indeed imperative need to eradicate early marriages and pregnancies in Guinea. c) Reducing the female genital mutilation prevalence rate from 39 per cent in 2018 to 24 per cent among girls aged 0–14: Progress has been made in the under-15 age group, where the prevalence of FGM/C decreased from 54.4 per cent in 1992 to 39 per cent in 2018. It is imperative to continue and intensify initiatives aimed at abandoning FGM in the country, especially with regard to the demedicalization of this practice, which is becoming increasingly common. (d) Reducing the prevalence of sexual violence and child marriage by at least 50 per cent: In total, 29.3 per cent of girls and women aged 15–64 have suffered from sexual violence at least once since the age of 15, with this figure standing at 36 per cent among those aged 15–24. Even today, more than half of women and girls (54.6 per cent in 2016) in Guinea are married by the age of 18, with 21 per cent by the age of 15. There is an urgent need to set up multisectoral care services and step up prevention efforts at all levels.

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  • Programmatic action
    En Guinée, les droits des femmes et des filles ont connu une amélioration depuis 1994. Le défi à l’horizon 2030 sera de veiller à l’application des textes juridiques et législatifs favorables à l'Egalité de Genre
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Address gender-based violence and the harmful practices of child, early and forced marriages and female genital mutilation
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(5) (a) Zero sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices, including zero child, early and forced marriage, as well as zero female genital mutilation; and (b) Elimination of all forms of discrimination against all women and girls, in order to realize all individuals’ full socio-economic potential.