Commitment title:

Ending preventable maternal deaths

Commitment description:

Nepal commits to reducing maternal deaths to 70 per 100,000 live births and reducing maternal morbidity through integrating comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services as part of the universal health coverage basic health package, and ensuring that the proportion of births attended by skilled birth attendant increases to 90 percent by 2030, and the provision of legal abortion and post-abortion services that are safe, accessible, affordable and good quality. The basic health package will be provided free-of charge and other services beyond the basic health package will be offered at an affordable cost through targeted subsidies and various social protection and health insurance schemes for vulnerable populations.

Mode of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
    Securing adequate financial and human resources to reach the SDG targets by 2030.
Commitment to be actioned in: Nepal
Submitted from: Nepal
Submitted by
Ministry of Health and Population
Thematic area
Achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health as a part of universal health coverage (UHC)
Commitment category

(3) Zero preventable maternal deaths and maternal morbidities, such as obstetric fistulas, by, inter alia, integrating a comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health interventions, including access to safe abortion to the full extent of the law, measures for preventing and avoiding unsafe abortions, and for the provision of post-abortion care, into national UHC strategies, policies and programmes, and to protect and ensure all individuals’ right to bodily integrity, autonomy and reproductive rights, and to provide access to essential services in support of these rights.