Commitment title:

Defend the diversity and plurality of the LGBTQI+ population in our societies.

Commitment description:

Defend the diversity and plurality of our societies. To do so, we commit to working with the Plurinational Legislative Assembly and the Executive Branch for the recognition and full exercise of the right to form a family and the related rights of the LGBTQI+ population, granting them the same rights given to heterosexual couples by 2022, based on the rights enshrined in the Political Constitution of the State and international instruments

Mode of engagement:
  • Change or creation of legislation
    Trabajar con la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional y el Órgano Ejecutivo para el reconocimiento y ejercicio pleno del Derecho a Formar una Familia y sus derechos conexos de la población LGBTIQ+
Commitment to be actioned in: Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Submitted from: Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
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Thematic area
Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
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(9) Building peaceful, just and inclusive societies, where no one is left behind, where all, irrespective of race, colour, religion, sex, age, disability, language, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, feel valued and are able to shape their own destiny and contribute to the prosperity of their societies.