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Declaration of Gabonese civil society

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We, Gabonese civil society, represented by, aware that despite the progress made since Cairo in 1994, we observe that: • 316 maternal deaths per 10,000 births over the past seven years (GDHS II)); • 56 per cent of women aged 15–49 claim to have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence (beating, murder, rape, bullying, etc.) • The family planning needs of 27 per cent of women of reproductive age aged 15–49 are unmet (GDHS II). This explains the rapid increase in the number of early pregnancies. This is why we solemnly reaffirm, here, before the international community in Nairobi, our commitment to accelerating the fulfilment of the pledges set out 25 years ago in Cairo to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by 2030. To this end, we are committed to • Ending unmet need for planning • Ending preventable mortality • Ending gender-based violence and harmful practices ● Advocating on an annual basis for the Government and other partners to set up a community health care system ● Extending the nomenclature for medical acts to SRH care, especially access to contraception Providing funding to complete the ICPD Programme of Action and consolidate the gains made● Setting up a national framework for dialogue and the pooling of NGO resources • Continuing Family Planning awareness programmes in maternal and child health centres (CSMI) for women and couples • Advocating for a law to be passed on forms of violence (domestic, bullying at school and in the workplace), as well as for the relevant implementing legislation to be adopted Advocating for the development of a mobile strategy to ensure access to health care in remote areas

Modes of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
    D’ici 2030, mettre en place un cadre commun de plaidoyers par la société civile pour la mobilisation des ressources financières innovantes en vue du financement du programme d’action de la CIPD dans le cadre de la Responsabilité Societale

    Value: une plate forme de mobilisation de ressource existante

  • Programmatic action
    D’ici 2030, les communautés religieuses et les communautés traditionnels s’engagent à créer des mécanismes de dialogue avec les hommes pour prévenir les Violences faites aux femmes et filles
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(1)  Intensify our efforts for the full, effective and accelerated implementation and funding of the ICPD Programme of Action, Key Actions for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD, the outcomes of its reviews, and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.