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Cabo Verde - Parity Law for Gender Equity and Human Dignity

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The Constitution of the Republic of Cabo Verde establishes, in its art. 24, the principle of discrimination and the prohibition of discrimination based on sex/gender. The Government’s Program of this IX Legislature, assumes the application of the Parity Law, which defines the requirements for equitable distribution of access for men and women to decision-making positions in the various sectors of economic, social and political life in the country. The Network of Parliamentarians in Population and Development advocates a gender issue, a threat to alcohol abuse, a Paternity Law Responsible for diminishing male societies; Parity is considered to exist when none of the genders has a representation of less than 40% and no more than 60%. This law intends to place Cape Verde within the quality limit, and for this, it is necessary that neither genre has a representation of more than 60%, nor less than 40%.
With the unanimously recommended parity law, Cabo Verde is committed to ensuring an effective guarantee of rights and duties between men and women, using a restriction of all forms of discrimination, violence and the creation of the same opportunities, specifically , it does not refer to political participation and decision-making, in achieving a fairer, more democratic and balanced society and reducing this disproportionate and combating inequalities, which negative discrimination and the cause Gender Equality and human dignity. Cabo Verde pledges to have a fair, balanced, sustainable and secure political system where there is social and political justice in favor of women and gender, with a focus on leading political parties, state institutions, decentralized power, society and promising local communities of security, prosperity for economies.

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  • Change or creation of legislation
    To guarantee a legal context for Gender Equity and Human Dignity
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Parlamentarians Population and Development Network
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Address gender-based violence and the harmful practices of child, early and forced marriages and female genital mutilation
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(5) (a) Zero sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices, including zero child, early and forced marriage, as well as zero female genital mutilation; and (b) Elimination of all forms of discrimination against all women and girls, in order to realize all individuals’ full socio-economic potential.