Commitment title:

build peaceful societies.

Commitment description:

fair and inclusive, in which all people, including older and younger people, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples. Build societies in which these people have valued themselves, and are able to shape their own destiny and contribute to the prosperity of their societies.

Mode of engagement:
  • Budgetary and financial
    utiliser les processus budgétaires nationaux, augmenter le financement intérieur et explorer les nouveaux instruments et de financement innovante pour assurer la mise en oeuvre intégrale, efficace et accélérée du programme de la CIPD

    Value: faire tout ce qui est en note pouvoir pour augmenter le pourcentage de l'aide publique au développement APD

Commitment to be actioned in: Niger
Submitted from: Niger
Submitted by
Association Islamique pour la Culture, l'éducation et la Paix (AICEP)
Thematic area
Draw on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development
Commitment category

(11) Committing to the notion that nothing about young people’s health and well-being can be discussed and decided upon without their meaningful involvement and participation (“nothing about us, without us”).