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Advocacy and Action to achieve more effective implementation of CSE in the Caribbean sub-region

Commitment description:

On behalf of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research & Action (CAFRA), we commit to reducing the gap of effective Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for youth in and out of school by develop model curriculum to be submitted to National Ministries of Education and CARICOM.

We also commit to contributing towards increased awareness and understanding of the need for CSE by developing campaign material targeted at faith based organizations and parent teacher associations as well as policy makers.

We will continue our work in using culture to support the importance of implementing CSE at the school level. This will be done by the end of 2020.

We will also bring together leaders of the private sector in the Caribbean sub-region to sensitize them about the need to create better work environments with reduced stigma and discrimination for LGBTQI persons in the subregion.

Mode of engagement:
  • Programmatic action
    To undertake advocacy and action to address the gaps in providing Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the Caribbean sub-region for adolescents to enable them to deal with their sexuality in a positive and responsible way.
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Caribbean Association for Feminist Research & Action (CAFRA)
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(1)  Intensify our efforts for the full, effective and accelerated implementation and funding of the ICPD Programme of Action, Key Actions for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD, the outcomes of its reviews, and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.