On the road to Nairobi… Tell us why you march

In 1994 in Cairo, 179 governments adopted a landmark Programme of Action to put sexual and reproductive health and rights at the centre of population policies.

Progress has been made, but millions of people – particularly the world’s most vulnerable and women and girls – have yet to see these promises fulfilled. There is still a lot to be done.

It is time for us to raise our voices and ask world leaders to deliver what was promised.

Everyone has an important role to play – whether you're headed to Nairobi or working locally, we appreciate your voice, your conviction, your dedication.

Thank you for joining us on the road to Nairobi and telling us why you march using the hashtag #IMarchFor.

#IMarchFor: Melanie Hidayat, Assistant Representative UNFPA Indonesia

#IMarchFor - Indonesian women who die while giving birth

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#IMarchFor Nicaragua Plan de Vida Adolescentes

#IMarchFor - Freedom of expression

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#IMarchFor: Grethe Petersen, Orchid Project CEO

#IMarchFor - The 3.9 million girls who get cut every year

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#IMarchFor Nicaragua Derechos Personas con Discapacidad

#IMarchFor - An inclusive society

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#IMarchFor: Michelle Belfor, Youth Advocate in Suriname

#IMarchFor - Sexual and reproductive rights for all young people

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Gates Institute #IMarchFor Family Planning Nairobi Summit

#IMarchFor - Family planning

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